Why Use A Booking System?

A booking system is not bougie, it’s convenient. It’s also revolutionary in the respect that that’s the new movement, because it just makes sense! Soon all valued barbers will only be reached in this matter because it removes a lot of unnecessary dialogues. What time do you open? How many people are in front of me? When can I get in? How much are your cuts? Are you available? Etcetera.....

The whole time we gave to answer all these questions while you’re paying for our undivided attention. Not fair to you or to us! But the problem is solved once you begin to adapt to a better way of scheduling! Also, if you were being paid for a service, a service you’ve been doing for years! You’ve learned the outs and ins of this skill, the bumps and curves etc... Should you get paid the same amount as someone doing it unprofessionally or just starting?? No you’re going to ask your boss for a raise! And you’ll deserve it too because no one can continue to exist without growing! Granted some people don’t value experience and quality enough to pay more but those that do understand and should be catered to!

Just wanted to take some time to shed some insight to broaden your perspective and clear up some misunderstandings.

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***deposits are required to book appointments. This is a system to negate the mismanagement of time